Hospital Privado de Vila Real Trofa Saúde | Portugal          

          Hotel Quinta da Boeira | Portugal          

          Policlinique du Tondu | França          

          Sleeptank | Bélgica          

          ABC | Bélgica          

          Cera | Bélgica          

“The confidence we have in ourselves is reflected in large part,

in the trust we have in others.”

– François de La Rochefoucauld

General Contractor

We have built and landscaped buildings from the ground

up to the final finishes.


Subcontract Structure

We perform reinforced concrete structures providing

all the framework shoring and necessary equipment.


Our specialist building staff

We have specialized professionals formasonry,

carpentry, ironworks, specialist machine handlers and

general managers with vast project knowledge.

As a business we are always open to new challenges, the passion for expansion

and building runs in our veins.

The professionalism, competence, versatility and motivation of our employees

form the center of our company’s axis.



We are constantly growing and we are recruiting.