Construções Josés, Lda

“CONSTRUÇÕES JOSÉS, LDA” is a Portuguese company based in Funchal. It was founded in 1997 and its main business activity is offering ​​engineering and civil construction services, with a special focus on reinforced concrete structures .


Since the company started, it has assumed quality construction as its main objective, supported by a competent and dynamic team, and rigorous concern in all projects.


Always open to new challenges, the company began its expansion process overseas in Europe, starting in 1999 in Spain, then in France in 2002, Belgium in 2011 and Algeria in 2015.


In terms of integration into the local market and the exploration of new areas of activity, the companies L’agence 33 and Eurotorf – Constructions Josés in France were created, as well as Josés Construct BVBA in Belgium.


Always faithful to our values, we aim to continue our sustainable growth while always maintaining our quality of our services.